MLB baseball picks and winners 06/10/23

WOOF. OUCH. WELCOME BACK TO EARTH. That was one of the worst days of picking that I have had in a long time. It started early with the Rays and Rangers and DID.NOT.STOP. For the Rays and Rangers, Glasnow had not pitched near as well as his numbers had showed up to this point, the Rangers have a dynamo of an offense, and the Rays bats have cooled recently. Rangers win right?? Vegas is wrong again, right?? WRONG.

This was just a taste of how my night went. Geez. The number is what the number is though, and we don’t hide from the number. We went a scorching 5-10 on the day versus Vegas favorites going 9-6.

WE WILL BOUNCE BACK. We must! Picks for today listed below in confidence order. Best of luck to all (and a better day as well!). Will update this as well once the Blue Jays decide who their SP will be for the day…

Overall Record: 29-31 (48%)

Vegas Favorites Record: 30-30 (50%)

Picks 06/10:

Rangers @ Rays: Rangers 5, Rays 3

Cubs @ Giants: Giants 5, Cubs 3

Dodgers @ Phillies: Dodgers 5, Phillies 3

Red Sox @ Yankees: Yankees 5, Red Sox 3

Nationals @ Braves: Braves 6, Nationals 4

Diamondbacks @ Tigers: Diamondbacks 4, Tigers 3

Reds @ Cardinals: Reds 4, Cardinals 3

Mets @ Pirates: Pirates 5, Mets 4

Athletics @ Brewers: Brewers 5, Athletics 4

Padres @ Rockies: Padres 5, Rockies 4

Astros @ Guardians: Guardians 4, Astros 3

Mariners @ Angels: Mariners 5, Angels 4

Royals @ Orioles: Orioles 5, Royals 4

Marlins @ White Sox: White Sox 5, Marlins 4

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